ACS Mandates Research Data Sharing

The American Chemical Society (ACS) is taking a pivotal step toward open data practices with its newly mandated Research Data Policy. This policy emphasizes the crucial need for sharing adsorption data. Let’s dive into why this policy shift is significant and how the Adsorption Information File (AIF) format supports this initiative flawlessly. Why is the… Continue reading ACS Mandates Research Data Sharing

“Digital Adsorption Data Space” A IUPAC Task Force Symposium

Come join us on May 30th 2023 1130-1540 CET for a symposium all about the AIF. New advanced adsorbents are a crucial driver for the development of energy and environmental applications. There is tremendous potential provided by machine learning and data mining techniques to identify an adsorbent for a particular application. However, the current… Continue reading “Digital Adsorption Data Space” A IUPAC Task Force Symposium

New location for raw2aif

After noticing raw2aif was struggling with crashes and hence a lot of downtime I have moved the app to a different service which is a lot more scalable. You can now find the raw2aif app at Happy converting!

FOA14 in Denver

We will be attending the Fundamentals of Adsorption conference (FOA14) in Denver 22 May – 27 May 2022. Look out for our talking highlighting this emerging format and say hi 👋.

Hello world!

We’re online! Welcome to the webpage for the adsorption information format.